Quarantine haircuts are all the rage

Lesly Herrera, Staff Writer


Quarantine has officially made humankind bored out of their minds. I, myself, have taken about four naps throughout the day. But my friend Gabriel Fernandez has taken things to a whole other level. He has decided to take boredom to his hair. “I don’t know, I was just really bored and was like alright ‘I’m here. The razor is there,’ and made ends meet to my hair,” Gabriel says. Humankind officially has too much time on their hands.


Tonight was another night of gaming with my friends Fernando and Dragon. I’ve been going to sleep pretty late and waking up late so really I only eat one meal a day and have a couple of snacks. My mom doesn’t really cook anymore, so I had to learn, but there’s not much food to cook with since they haven’t gone grocery shopping in like 474,746 years. So I turned to the next thing I can for survival which was a bowl of soup. Honestly it hit different because of the time and the state of mind I was in. It had a different taste that was better than the other soups I’ve had.

Photo by Lesley Herrera
Lesley Herrera learns to cook.