Life goes on

And on and on (and on)

Lesly Herrera, Staff Writer

April 27

As quarantine continues the days go by slower. I got so bored I started watching Romeo and Juliet. Honestly it was good but like, what was the point of all that? Juliet could’ve left when she had the chance with Romeo without even hurting Romeo. I think Romeo is also quite dumb for drinking posion after Juliet “died”. You meet new people everyday, he could easily “fall in love” with a new person over time because life goes on.

Romeo & Juliet (2013)/Wikipedia






April 28 

My family has been in quarantine for way too long now. I had a very beautiful shih tzu, Teddy, and a pitbull named Max. So Max doesn’t really have a fur problem except for shedding, but Teddy’s fur grows really quickly and has to be brushed, and cut at least twice a year. Because the pet groomers are closed due to Coronavirus, my mother gave Teddy a haircut. I don’t like looking at Teddy now. He is very hard to look at considering the fact he follows me around a lot.

Photo by Lesly Herrera
Sporting his new look, Teddy follows Lesly around the house, looking for a little love.


April 29

I don’t have much to do except for homework and I don’t like doing that because teachers pile work and expect us to do it as if that’s the most important thing in the world. But I know my due dates, so it doesn’t matter to me. Out of boredom I decided to get ready to sit in the living room. And I impressed my dogs with my looks.

Photo by Lesly Herrera
Sometimes you have to get all dressed and ready to go… to sit in the living room. April 29th was the day for that.


April 30

I don’t miss school, but I miss my friends. They might annoy me but it’s nice to talk to the girls. I play with my friends on the game, but they are guys. The girls aren’t as funny but it was nice making them laugh then laughing with them. There are times where I need someone to remind me of my worth and although we’re in a group chat, it’s not the same.

Photo by Lesly Herrera
There is nothing quite like girlfriends, those pals who are there for you, even if “there” is currently just in a group chat.