Quarantine and school both come to an end today

But it is never too late to beautify one’s room

Lesly Herrera, Staff Writer

May 28

So, my friends and I have a group chat. Me, Leiah, Persia, Jordan, Titi, and Nicole. Although mainly Leiah and I, and sometimes Persia are most active in the groupchat, the group chat has been dead lately except for yesterday. We (Leiah, Persia, and me) picked up where we left off and instantly began talking about the drama we had, girl stuff. Once we were all caught up, we slowly started replying. Persia came up with a stupid idea of sending pictures of ourselves impersonating an emoji. I think Leiah had the best pictures because they really put in the effort and made me laugh.

Leiah as muscleman emoji. It’s just one of the things we do in pandemic time.

May 27 

Since it’s the last week of school everything seems pointless to me. The work that was returned back to me and the work that’s due at the end of this week. Anyway I went to CVS today and I saw that there was a limit to how many people can be in the store. Apparently only 40 people at a time? It’s also very hot and I have no motivation for anything.


May 25

So yesterday, I had some boards hung up on my wall. One was holding up my jackets and the other was just there to be there. After I cleaned my room, I went to go sit down in the living room to watch TV. After a couple of minutes, I heard a loud clutter. At first I thought it was my brother being stupid but when I went up to my room, The boards holding up my jackets collapsed. I had to pick up everything and had to tell my dad once he came home. So I put my clothes in another room and waited until today. 


May 26

When my dad fixed the shelf, there was a hole left in the wall that would’ve ruined my jackets. I asked my dad if he would fix it. He said he could but he didn’t want to, so I told him to show me how to fix it and I’ll do it. The thing was that my room would’ve looked tacky and I didn’t want that. So I asked my mom if we could buy paint this weekend. So today I ended up fixing all the holes in my room so that when I paint my room, it would look nicer. I used to have lights hung up at the top of my wall, and some of the nails were hard to reach and too high up for me to use the end of a hammer to pull them out. I spent about 3 hours fixing the holes in my walls and about four hours to clean my room after I took down all my posters from my wall. 


Hopefully she didn’t mess up these nice fingernails while fixing her bedroom walls in preparation to paint. (Photo by Lesly Herrera)