Confessions of a cooped up sophomore swimmer

Lazy days are not it

Josue Duron, Staff Writer

It’s been like a month and a half since we haven’t gone to school, and distance learning is getting harder and harder. Keeping up with all the assignments is hard, especially when my bed is right next to me, when I can just ignore the reminders on my phone. I’m not only slacking on my homework. My physical shape is suffering as well. I can feel the weight I’ve put on and want to get back in shape asap. 

Photo by Candace Bond
These were the days. Actually this photo was taken during the 2018/19 swim season when Duron was competing as a freshman. He hopes to swim competitively again in the School Year 2020/21 season.

Another confession: I didn’t realize how much I hated to wear masks until now that I have to wear them everywhere. It’s annoying and I can barely breathe, but I don’t want to end up in the hospital with COVID-19, and probably even die because of it. 

I miss the outside world, I MISS SWIMMING<3  Being in pajamas all day is not it, and the amount of music I listen to is at least 5 hours a day, crazy. Hopefully by August things will have calmed down so we can stop being home, go outside, get back to school, and I CAN SWIM. I just hope we can go back to normal soon.