The sounds coming from next door changed

Or was it just a dream?

Lesly Herrera, Staff Writer


May 8 

Townhouses don’t normally have sound proof walls, so I can easily hear my brother’s conversation and sometimes hear my parents conversations.

My brother and I usually make the most noise in the house considering the fact we’re gamers. But today I heard him slam a few things which are normal to me now, but the slamming was a sound of a different object this time. Then it got quiet and I heard his door open, then I heard my door open. He came in trying to test his keyboard on my laptop and figured out his keyboard was broken. He leaves, then comes back moments later to show me the keyboards he can choose between and lets me choose for him. 

Then he leaves again and I honestly wonder what goes on through his head.

Photo by Lesly Herrera
What is that sound? It’s a game. It’s a clumsy move. It’s my mysterious brother.


May 7

Fernando bought a new car in GTA. It’s called the Slamvan and it resembles a lowrider. He put hydraulics on the car so it could jump. Some people go to car shows to see lowriders for the hydraulics, engines, and paintjobs. Me and Fernando plan on going to a car show of lowriders but they aren’t common in D.C.  So, we have a plan about after graduating high school, when we have enough money we’ll take a road trip to California to fulfill our dreams of experiencing a car show.

Photo by Lesly Herrera
That’s Dragon in the back of Fernando’s GTA slamvan.


May 6

I’m looking at old pictures and reminiscing about the good times I had with my family. As I get older I feel more distant from my family. My sister moved out, I don’t really talk to my parents as much as i used to. I know some families are taking this time to be with their family more, but my mom works and my dad is renovating the basement so we can sell the house later. As the youngest I feel like my parents gave up on raising me because they think I’m doing well enough to leave me to do everything on my own. They only make an appearance when they need to. I’m only close with my brother but not really. We only interact with each other to complain to each other which is enough.


May 5 

I haven’t really gone outside much this whole quarantine. I’m used to the weather in my room so I didn’t really notice it was getting warmer every day until one night I got hungry again and used the app Doordash to order food. As I walked out my door to get my food I felt the warmer climate on my skin. It was like a night in El Salvador, very cool but humid. But I’d hit my forehead on my desk and it wasn’t great. 

Photo by Lesly Herrera
One of those El Salvador nights that reminds a person of seasonal changes.