• March 26You know you take great photos and want to share them...
  • November 12we are a student news website publishing stories about Roosevelt Rough Riders, Washington D.C., and our world
  • August 26Who wants to be the person among their friends known for having good information?


Our Mission:

In the American tradition of a free, strong, and independent press, Riders Times’ mission is to provide an accurate representation of Roosevelt events, and the diverse views and interests of the students. Riders Times is an open forum for student expression and operates without administrative prior review at Theodore Roosevelt High School 4301 13th Street NW, D.C., 20011. 

Advertising and subscription rates are available by emailing [email protected].  

We welcome all student contributions of articles, photographs, graphics, etc. Please send all  correspondence to [email protected]. Thank you for reading.


Thank You:

ANC4c for the grant that made this publication possible, and to Friends of Roosevelt for partnering with Riders Times to make it all workable.

Mallory and Diana Walker for the generous donation of iMac desktop computers and a sweet Lumix camera.


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