Culinary Class can easily be done at home

Catherine Braxton, Staff Writer


I woke up pretty early. It was raining when I walked Ernie but the air was nice and refreshing. At this time, my parents were out, getting food and other things so they weren’t in the house when I woke. Honestly, I was just hoping they didn’t forget the batteries and the cake stuff.

When I got back to the house I took my shower and started to get to work. I knew I’d probably be baking cakes today so I didn’t want there to be too much work left behind. I just needed to get used to my new schedule. I started the review and I started Day 3 work for History II and finished Day 3 work for English II. Now, I just have essays for both classes to do. Around noon, I started to clean the kitchen. I washed dishes, swept the floor, and cleaned the counter and table. I don’t know why but I just start cleaning anything that seems dirty, except for my room. Clothes are everywhere in there. I just want to keep busy.

At 1:00 p.m., I joined the English II live to get some advice and additional help on the work. I was the only one that seemed engaged but that doesn’t matter. At least I got something out of it. I’m just hoping I finish my essays by tomorrow morning so I can do Geometry. 

A little bit after the Instagram Live was over, I did a kickboxing exercise. It was about 40 minutes long but I did it anyway. I felt like everything was dying rapidly so I had to get up and move a bit. I accidentally kicked Jacqueline. Not hard though but I really didn’t see her.

After I finished the video, I cooled down and got to work with the cake. I made a two layered cake. It’s rectangular and I put a lot of frosting on it and sprinkles on it. I really just wanted chocolate shavings on it but my mother doesn’t like chocolate and I thought that she would want some cake so I just baked a vanilla one. It was kinda fun but one of the layers fell apart because I didn’t let it cool down long enough. That’s ok though. I used the frosting as an adhesive and patched the cake up. I gave some to my mother, sister, and brother. They said they liked it so I think I did good. I’ll make sure to make an edit of how I did it and send it to the Culinary teacher tomorrow.

While I was baking the cake, my Converse boots and hoodie came. They look really nice. It’s like, all my stuff decided to come this week except for my brushes. My other hoodies come tomorrow. I’ve already decided to save the rest of my money though because who knows how long this thing may last. I might end up having the only dollar in the U.S. or something.

Ok. Probably not, but it’s always good to save. I doubt I’m getting that job this summer.

After all the baking, I cleaned after myself and the others and I retired to my room and started to work. I still am so wish me luck!!

Photo by Catherine Braxton
Here is proof that they were perfect when the two layers came out of the oven. It was later that one fell apart.