Photo by Catherine Braxton

Ernie will probably like the new Chuck Taylor high top sneakers.

Catherine Braxton, Staff Writer


I thought I was going to wake up 8 a.m. today but I woke at around 10 a.m. Not bad, but I can do better. I was going to work hard today. Try to anyway.

It’s past noon now and I’m walking the dog. We went a little further today because he just kept walking to all these different places. There’s a park near our apartment. I thought that was cool. It was a tad bit quiet too, because not too many people were outside. There were still too many people out for my liking though, so, starting tomorrow, I’ll wake up early and start walking Ernie in the mornings.

I’m moving pretty slow with this work thing. All I did was start the work but I didn’t finish anything yet. I might just finish it tomorrow. I’m doing better with this schedule thing but I still have my moments of just sitting and staring and moving to do the work.

This pandemic is really affecting my daily routine. I used to always be so focused in class and I tried to absorb everything I could, but now I’m distracted by trivial things like my phone and food. Being at home while doing school work is a little hard for me. It’s like my body went into summer break mode or something. Telling me that it’s fine to sleep in and to be on your phone or to dance and watch movies and shows for hours, when, in reality, that’s not the case. School is still in session and I need to act like it is.


Photo by Catherine Braxton
Getting something new in the mail can be a nice little pick-me-up these days.



I did. I actually woke up early: 8:22 a.m. I put on some clothes really fast and took Ernie out. There were less people outside this time but I did bump into another dog walker. I crossed the street so Ernie and I can remain safe. I have to do that now because of this pandemic. Ernie can’t meet new dog people anymore. Tragic. It did feel really nice outside though. Nice and chilly. I really love when it feels cold.

Since I didn’t do much work yesterday, I had to power through today.

It’s a little past noon and my package just arrived. I ordered some black Converse. My Converse boots and hoodie should be here tomorrow. I really like Chuck Taylors. That’s all I’ve been wearing this and last school year. Vans are ok too but Converse are my favorite, I ordered some brushes a few weeks ago and those still haven’t come yet. They’re taking a very long time despite those being the first thing I ordered but it’s understandable. With this pandemic, a lot of shipping and delivery companies are either closed down or extremely backed up.

I just helped Ms. Cobb do some Whiteboard class meet thing in Microsoft Teams. I’m assuming she’s starting a class now, similar to Ms. Blair and Ms. Gomez/Uechi/Rambus. A lot of students are texting me on Instagram to help them with their work. It’s hard to say no if I’m busy because I’d probably want some help too if I needed and asked for it but it is a tad bit stressful. I am also doing work too, so it’s distracting, but I help when I can. I try my best and hope they do the same.

Two of the remotes have dead batteries so I asked my parents to get batteries for them tomorrow. They were going to get more food and stuff anyway. 

I need to start dancing again. I’m going to start that too. I stopped for like, a week, and now I feel like I’m dying.