Time stretches and contracts unpredictably

Waiting for food takes forever, but playing Minecraft eats up no time at all


My sleep schedule is still all messed up. I stay up all night and go to sleep during the day. Today I decided to change that. To keep myself awake I went to Walmart to get some essentials. In the parking lot there were carts lined around the entrance to distance others from the entrance and exit.

Apparently you can’t go into stores without masks? I honestly didn’t think it was this serious because I was always at home minding my business.


Photo by Lesly Herrera
Shopping at the Walmart is one way to stay awake, but who knew you have to wear masks?




Okay, forget what I said the other day. It’s around 1 a.m. on a regular Monday night, and time for a gaming session with the boys. It was really only me and my friend Fernando that night. We realized we needed more friends but it’s okay, we got each other. 

On the same night we realized how much of a loser we are. We were on Minecraft after a frustrating game we played earlier. I was doing my thing and Fernando was doing his thing. Then he says “Hey, come over here.” As I go to him I see my tree Sticky with a new look, and Fernando says “I gave this fool grillz.”

This man gave my tree a grillz. And it was in that time and there, how I disowned Fernando as my friend. 



As I sleep during the day and stay up at night my diet has also changed a lot. I really only eat once a day and snack throughout the night. 

Well tonight I was really hungry and decided to order food from this app called Postmates. I’m no stranger to the app, but wait till I get on Yelp after this to talk about my bad experience. I order my food around 10 p.m. and it’s taking an unusually long time to arrive at my door. 

Postmates has an option to contact the person who is getting your food. I waited about an hour and a half before cancelling my order and ordering from another app.

I didn’ tend up getting my food until 2 in the morning, and all while I was waiting I was on the game with my friends Fernando and Dragon crying to them.


Photo by Lesly Herrera
Getting food in the time of coronavirus is not as easy as it used to be. Although there are simple apps you can use from your phone, delivery times are unreliable.