Life is better with friends (like “Sticky”)

Farm life and real life spiced up a bit when Sticky came into being.

Screenshot by Lesly Herrera

Farm life and real life spiced up a bit when “Sticky” came into being.

Lesly Herrera, Staff Writer


I completely lost track of time. I usually clean my room on Sundays to keep myself organized. But today I thought it was Sunday and  cleaned my room. I didn’t realize it was Saturday until around 3 in the morning when my friend posted something about having a nice Sunday and I got really puzzled until I looked at the calendar. It bothered me that I cleaned my room on the wrong day.



It is about 9pm on (an actual) Sunday night. Me, my friend Fernando, and Dragon (that’s his nickname) decided to play a game of Minecraft. Fernando and Dragon were building a duck and I was building a farm. Once I was done building my farm I added a friend who was a tree with a face. My friends saw it and began making fun of him. They named him “Sticky” because he looked like a stick that looked over the world.

Those moments of laughter with my friends are the ones I live for.