The struggle is real

How to avoid a slack mindset and be upbeat enough to dance

Meet Ernie. Ernie is doing whatever it is that dogs doo.

Catherine Braxton

Meet Ernie. Ernie is doing whatever it is that dogs doo.

Catherine Braxton, Staff Writer


I’ve been working a lot. I just want to get as much work done as possible but I still feel like I am forgetting about a lot. I made a schedule for next week though. I’ll see how that goes but for now, I just have to keep at it. I’ll try to get Reading Plus and that Skimm thing done tomorrow along with my geometry work.

All of this is really giving me a new perspective on school and how I don’t want to do this for another four plus years. 

I know I’m not supposed to be going out, but I don’t think I can help it. I need my bananas and the corner store is still open. I also have to walk my dog or he’ll just pee everywhere, starting with my bed. I guess it’s selfish, people may say I don’t care about my own health or the livelihood of others but, until there’s an actual lockdown, I’ll take advantage of the little bit of outside I can get. 

Everyone is going a little stir crazy in this place and I don’t like the energy.

What a life this has become. What a life.



I did no type of work today and I feel fantastic.



Took my dog on his morning walk today. There are just so many people outside. Like, is the virus even real? Is it here? Honestly, people making it seem like everything’s closed for no reason whatsoever.

I also hate this weather. I’m not feeling spring at all. The bright jerk getting on my nerves. Wish I could shoot it down but that’s not possible, apparently. 

I should stop complaining.

I’m just going to finish my work for journalism and geometry today and then dance. I’m supposed to be learning dances with Angy but I’ve been slacking.