Freshman journalism student tackles tech

Lets teachers know that kids don’t always know how to use it professionally

Lesly Herrera, Staff Writer


This ‘distance learning’ is stressing me out. I don’t think that adults understand that although we were born in a generation where technology has taken over, we don’t actually know how to use it in a professional setting. 

Some of us don’t know how to do basic things on a computer or go further into not knowing how to type a letter over the computer. Anyway I’m at that point where I don’t care because some of my other teachers didn’t communicate to me about their work and I’ll most likely stay back, but you know, I’m still vibing and accepting the fact that it’s always the student’s fault and never the teacher’s.


Lesly Herrera
This is Lesly vibing at home, learning how to use technology more professionally, and keeping her hands clean and virus free.


Okay, so I realized I did this whole paragraph thing wrong. I guess I’m supposed to talk about the corona and how it affected my community. But that requires me to go outside, and my government told me to stay inside, except for when I need necessities. So of course i didn’t do that, but I ran out of mouthwash so I guess whoever is reading this got this and I got my grade. 

I went down Georgia Avenue and it wasn’t as busy as it normally is. When I got to Walmart I noticed a lot of people with gloves and masks which was kind of pointless because they touched their phones, and belongings and that passed the germs of their gloves off to their belongings. I noticed there were tape marks where people should stand in line to distance themselves. It’s quite amazing how people will do everything to avoid washing their hands.