Star student stays motivated to finish her sophomore year

Catherine Braxton, Staff Writer

Journal Entry One – 3.24.2020

Despite anticipating this day, the first day of distance learning, things have been pretty uneventful. I did my work like I would do it at school. Yes, my environment was different, but I wasn’t any less stressed than I normally would be so I didn’t feel too much out of my element.


Journal Entry Two – 3.25.2020

Today was decent. Quieter than the last. I was home alone for the most part. My sister went to practice, my brother slept in, and my parents were out, somewhere. I started my day by waking up and drinking my green tea. Then, I watched Netflix and Hulu until noon and went back to sleep. This pandemic was causing me to be lazy. That’s what I’ve become. Not liking that side of me, I got up and started my distance learning work and cleaned around the house. When I went to take out the trash, I noticed that the people who picked up the trash still hadn’t come yet. They were a day late and the trash was more than a week full. I’ve never seen it like that before. Since everyone in my building was now home all day, more trash has been produced. I just sat my bag down and kept it going. I feel bad for the workers. There was a lot of trash.