There Can Never be Enough Black Christmas Movies

Takenya Tolliver, Staff Writer

As they say, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” People from all over the world celebrate Christmas holidays. They surround their houses with snowmen, Christmas lights and trees, and drink hot cocoa. For many, holiday movies are the best part.

This is true for Roosevelt sophomore Zaire Colts who says his favorite movie is “This Christmas,” a predominantly black Christmas film made in 2007 starring such  famous entertainers and actors as Chris Brown, Regina King, Lauren London, and Delroy Lindo. It is a Christmas classic with its own mix of comedy, drama, friends and family, and even action in the movie. “I love the movie because it has a lot of singing and there aren’t any boring parts,” he said. “It was funny. I liked the drama, and it’s just a heart warming movie.” 

Christmas movies are enjoyable but it is rare to see an all colored-people  Christmas film. There are a few: The Perfect Holiday (2007),The Last Holiday (2006), and The Best Mans Holidays. Other than all the titles ending with “holiday,” these are movies that people of all cultures watch, predominantly black people. “All of the Christmas movies with black casts are good, but it’s sad that black Christmas movies are accomplishments instead of normal things. I’m still happy as hell that we have them,” Colts said. 

The holidays are filled with joy and happiness, celebrating Christmas and New Years. The movies add on to the jolly spirits. It does not matter if it is a horror, comedy, or family and friends film, it all gets you in the holiday spirit, and to see people who look like you and who can relate to you also adds to the entertainment. 

“The movie makes me feel accomplished and I just get happy watching black films in the holiday in general,” Colts summed up. Sit back and enjoy your holiday with hot cocoa and Christmas movies!