The DMV is getting to know Lucki

He won the crowd with his hype performance on stage


Photo by Desmond Davis

The Fillmore stage was set and the audience was pumped for Lucki’s March 27 show.

Underground rapper and up-and-coming artist Lucki preformed at the Fillmore in Silver Spring with hundreds of his fans from the DMV in attendance on March 27.

Though the wait for him to come on stage was long, the hype being built from the Eem Triplin songs that played while we waited was ecstatic. As soon as the speakers turned on, the concert truly came to life  and the mosh pits started to open! (Mosh pits are when a packed concert begins to push out from the center opening circles and or “pits”).

It isn’t for the faint of heart: it’s cramped, hot, and uncomfortable as everyone is shoulder to shoulder but that’s where the fun truly comes from. As the crowd moves and jumps in unison to the music you can really begin to feel what this concert is going to be like. When a fan in the crowd needed help, the crowd and event staff stepped in.

The concert began with Eem Triplin starting with one of his new singles “WALKED IN” and although he is a new to the scene, he performed like  a natural on stage and was able to keep the audience constantly hyped. Though most of his songs were new and unknown, his most famous song “AWKWARD FREESTYLE” everyone knew the lyrics. Though people in the crowd were hating on his performance during the beginning, by the end many people seemed to like him.

Although the headliner came out about 30 minutes late, it was well worth it as the energy going through the entire audience was unmatched. “LUCKI” opened with his hit single “Y NOT” and from there he did not pause his set for about two straight hours. Naturally with the chaotic “pits” and hot and uncomfortable conditions, fans need a break of some sort, so towards the back of the concert there was an open area where fans could get water.

LUCKI continued the performance by playing even more of his hits such as “GOODFELLAS”, “Sunset” and “4 The Betta.” The control he had over the crowd and the fun he seemed to be having made for an amazing concert. Almost every song that was played the crowd sung back in unison. The show ended with both LUCKI and Eem Triplin taking photos and meeting plenty of fans who felt that these two artists truly put on an amazing show.