We have the teacher, we have the supplies…

Let’s start a pottery club!


Janiyah Lozada, Assistant Editor/Photo Editor

Being able to have a pottery club would be amazing for students! Students can express their creativity through things like clothing and drawings, but another way is through POTTERY. Pottery is a way in which you can calm your mind and soothe your body.  

Roosevelt students believe that pottery is a great club that should happen at school with our art department. Sophomore Deanna Mozee is enthusiastic about the idea. “I would quit my job to do pottery if I need to,” Mozee says. 

At Roosevelt we already have all the supplies needed for having a pottery club! Art teacher Laura Packard says she enjoys doing pottery. She is currently teaching Sculpture A, but it is more of just an ordinary art class, just the basics.  

“I have the stuff for classes for this year and probably the next year because we didn’t get to use it since we were virtual last year,” Packard says.  

We have all the supplies so therefore we should put them to use. “I think it’s one of the best introductions to art, because a lot of people are afraid of art because they can’t draw or can’t paint but, with sculpture you are putting it together, adding them, taking them apart.” 

Pottery is a different style of art in which people can just do and create anything that’s on their mind without having the skills to draw or paint. 

Packard said she would love to be a part of the pottery club. “I would absolutely would want to be a supervisor for the future pottery club, My focus in college was 3D studies in art,” Packard says.  

Pottery can also help with emotion. Because it is a relaxing thing to do, it helps ease your mind if you are feeling anger or sadness. According to Psychlogytoday.com, “Creating with clay is a physical-sensual-mental experience. The physicality and limitless potential for creativity. engages our muscles, fine motor skills, vision, and imaginations.”  

Being able to have a pottery club can help with students’ mental health. Being able to create something based on your emotions and letting something out through your creativity with clay can help students not choose violence or negative impacts on themselves. Pottery isn’t just something people do, it’s an art form that can create peace for not only adults but for students as well.  

The art wing contains all of the essential supplies for students to engage in pottery work. (Photos by Janiyah Lozada)