Roosevelt voices bloom on the lawn of Lincoln’s Cottage

Poetry Club performs second annual slam


Photo by Kwame Adu-Wusu

With pride on display, English teacher Emily Gomez led her students to perform in the second annual Poetry Slam. Friends of Roosevelt helped make it happen.

By Kelsy Acosta-Ramirez and Mohamed Turay, Staff Writers

The second annual poetry slam, showcasing the unique art of poetry, slammed the socks off an audience gathered on the lawn outside Lincoln’s Cottage on May 24.  

English teacher Emily Gomez runs the poetry club and organized the event which included a booming Dj, food, students that volunteer in the Fly by Light program, and of course students in the poetry program.  

“I’ve never performed before and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to get into,” sophomore Lucy Granillo said. “I feel like through this I can really express the emotion that I feel needs to be put out in the world. l’m so grateful to be able to perform.”

Poet Jeremiah Bowie sang a rap song that he wrote for the May 24 performance at Lincoln Cottage. (Photo by Kwame Adu-Wusu)

Gomez said it was difficult to build back the poetry club after returning from quarantine last year and to raise money for the event, but she triumphed over these obstacles, so students could showcase their unique voices.    

“Last year, the first year we did the in-person poetry slam, it was very hard. I was very overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen,” Gomez said. “This year it was much easier because I already had connections with people.”  

Although she’s the primary organizer she said she couldn’t have done it alone. Being connected with the community of Roosevelt gave her more support and motivation to continue to keep this event going.  

“I had contact with vendors and with community partners already, so it was much easier this year. So, a huge thank you to Friends of Roosevelt because they are the reason we’ve been able to do this for the past two years,” Gomez said.  

Students poured their hearts out on an indoor/outdoor stage labeled Blooming Voices. Staff showed up to give support to the students on their journey to express their heartfelt words.  

Adding a Spanish twist to Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean,” Beverly Perez-Ferrufino’s voice was soothing and sweet. (Photo by Kwame Adu-Wusu)

“Well, this is my second year attending this event and I would never miss it for the world. The diversity that exists in our school is not only showcased in the hallways, but it’s also being showcased [here],” said counselor Wankairys Decena. “I was surprised. Every year I constantly see people performing that I would sing along in my head. So, this is a really exciting event. And it should happen every single year moving forward without a doubt.”  

With great support from the audience, students were motivated to step out of their comfort zone and display their artistic talents. As more students showcased their poems and songs, a wide variety of performances emerged. Sometimes it was loud, other times it was soft. The overall passion of these students was represented with their thriving performances. Some sang; some spoke, some shouted. All in all, the event demonstrated Roosevelt’s talented students whose words grew into a flourishing new experience.