You, sir, are a little scary

In the TV show You, a man’s past twists his desires into dangerous fantasies

Kelsy Acosta-Ramirez, Staff Writer

You is no ordinary show, because it displays how far a person can go when they become obsessed. The tv show You demonstrates how lust, love, or obsession can drive a person to extreme measures to get the object of their fixation.

The main character Joe works at a book shop and initially he seems charming, but he is actually dangerous. Throughout Joe’s childhood he did not have his parents around; they abandoned him. Luckily, someone took him in, a librarian. When Joe grew up, he used books to escape, and that was how his love for them grew. He was taught how to take care of books by the man that took him in.

When reading his books, Joe wanted a love story like the ones he read about, and he does fall in love multiple times but it slowly leads to obsession, which affects his behavior. Joes always wished for a fairytale ending even if that meant pushing himself into people’s lives. The behavior he developed reflects on his past traumas as a kid.

You is a very entertaining show but can be intense, since it involves murder, identity theft, and intense stalking. I recommend this show to people who like to watch mystery because you never know what is next. If you feel uncomfortable seeing blood and watching creepy behavior unfold this is not the best show for you.

You gives you an inside point of view of what the main character is thinking making it unique from most shows on television network. Joe goes to extreme measures to get the love story he always wanted. You is the show for you if you like thrillers because watching this all unfold is captivating. Not only is this show captivating and interesting, but it is also informational because it demonstrates what measures a person can take when being obsessed.