Who is the Best DMV Rapper?

Roosevelt Students Are Experts on Local Music

Arianna Nelson-Green, Staff Writer

Ricardo Douglas, left, and Sharae Robinson, right, have been enjoying the music of No Savage lately.

D.C. is a breeding ground for up-and-coming rappers and Roosevelt students are really into what’s new and popular in D.C..

Ten freshmen talked about the rappers they are listening to right now. The most popular rapper the students were talking about in my class is No Savage.

Two freshmen, Ricardo Douglas and Sharae Robinson, described No Savage’s music the exact same way:“He crank.”

Robinson had a more detailed description of his appeal. “The songs have a rhythm that you can dance to, which makes it more fun.”

Students learn about these rappers on Instagram through challenges. Some other rappers that were mentioned that you probably haven’t heard of are Lil Lo, Young Manny, Baby 50, and Td Raymo.

But Robinson said one of the things she likes about No Savage is “his lyrics.”

One of No Savage’s new songs with interesting lyrics is called “Come Too Far.” “ I’m coming too far I can’t just give up I got on my grind bet they aint think I could do it.”

These are the Rappers that Roosevelt students say they are listening to today.