Sophomore student athlete muses about change


Nathan Bonilla

Jacqueline Braxton sang in Roosevelt’s first art showcase – back when gathering at school was a thing. Now she has lots of time to practice at home.

3.24.2020 – Journal Entry One

The days seem to go by so slowly. Yes, of course, a break from school seems nice but where is there to go? What to do? The Coronavirus has affected my life dramatically. I should be training for outdoor track season, but now I’m basically training for cross-country for the next school year. I should be sitting at a desk not on my bed. So how is my day going? It’s just….going.

3.25.2020 – Journal Entry Two

Today was a rainy day. There was my five mile run in the morning. After that I took a three-hour nap, then I got straight to my homework. After a couple of hours I got an alert: basically it said the people need to stay indoors at 10:00 p.m. and also that stores will be closed by that time.

So how is my day? My day is gloomy.