Students inducted into National Honor Society this week

By Taneisha Simmons, Staff Writer

More than 25 Roosevelt students were inducted into the National Honor Society on Wednesday. NHS is a national organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories. Over 1 million students participate in NHS, which has chapters around the world. This organization gives students the ability to elevate, lead and engage in communities.  

Some students were recommended, and some students applied to the Roosevelt chapter, led by Samantha Averette, who is also a global studies teacher. Applying is a good idea if you don’t get recommended because NHS boosts students’ scholarship applications for colleges and universities.  

At the induction, junior Karen Ayaba announced the inductee’s names one by one before they each received their certificate of membership from Evonna Boykin, a senior who is NHS president. The inductees are now new members of the National Honor Society. 

Promoting character, scholarship, leadership and service, National Honor Society recognizes high school students who meet certain standards.

Each student received a candle, which was lit for the pledge in celebration and commitment to NHS. Shelby Taylor, also a junior, announced the pledge as the students repeat it word for word. Most students had their families there to support them. Drinks, cookies and cupcakes were given to both family, staff and students afterwards. 

Administrators thanked students for working hard, staying focused, leading the way and being the scholars that they are. Also, thanks were given to families for keeping their children on track, focused and determined in school. Over 25 students at Roosevelt were already in the NHS while the new 20-25 inductees were congratulated and welcomed in. 

Overall, NHS promotes students who are determined leaders and have great character, leading them on a successful path. The NHS helps students to put their name out there in the world positively.