This movie is so smurffin’ good

Nakyia Wimbish, Arts/Entertainment editor

The Smurfs 2011 release is the most adorable family ever. Half live action and half animation, the original Smurfs is funny enough for children and smart enough for adults. 

Evil wizard Gargamel has been tormenting the jolly blue Smurfs for a long time. He finally has some success when chasing the magical blue creatures into a magic portal that lands them in Manhattan. While in “the city that never sleeps” the Smurfs find themselves in the life of an ad executive and his wife who offers to help them get back home before Gargamel catches them. 

There are different personalities like Clumsy messing everything up, Smurfette giving us that female balance who brings all the boys to their knees, Grouchy who is always giving his negative perspective with a scowl on his face will ensure children can relate and have a good “ha-ha”. Adults will enjoy this film as they will laugh at the suggestive language and humor like them using smurfonyms to take the place of profanity (such as Smurf off and holy Smurf). This movie simply has something to entertain everyone.  

I personally just love this movie. Every time I turn it on, I just have a huge smile on my face that will not go away. The different personalities of these characters just merge so well as to ensure that the whole family will have an enjoyable time. I love seeing Smurfette, the only female Smurf in Smurf village and the only Smurf created by Garagmel, get that one-on-one mother and daughter bond that every girl needs from the ad executive’s wife.  

Not only is this an amazing movie but it also gives a good message to viewers. The message is to never leave the people you love behind and family should come together to protect one another no matter what. I feel the message is something that children and adults sometimes must be reminded of.  

These amusing blue magical creatures will have the whole family entertained on movie night.