Future and Drake collaborate on the struggle of commitment

By Deonte Belle, Staff Writer

The song “Wait For U” was a hit for the year 2022 as it had the music industry in a head lock. After being released during May of 2022 the song is still rising in listeners now at 110 million views on YouTube today.

“Wait For U” by Future is the single from his album “I Never Liked You.” The song is a collaboration between Future and Canadian artist Drake, where each of them highlight their relationships, but the message they share is expressed differently. Both Drake a Future reveal how difficult it can be being a famous rapper, traveling throughout different parts of the world and dealing with not just your own emotions labeled as “demons”.

Future highlights differences between his feelings and Drake’s. They are both going through essentially love and war with his girl who really loves him but can’t keep up with the way his lifestyle is. Even through their hardships he feels that she is always by his side and is waiting for him. Future states in this Song “She understands I can’t take her everywhere,” highlighting that his significant other understands their situation of them being separated when Future is touring. He shares that they contact each other over the phone but they are hard to take stating “I can hear your tears over the phone.” Future also reveals that he is not okay with the fact that his girl suffers because of him.

Frank_SchwichtenbergFrank Schwichtenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Drake, however, his situation is similar but differs from Future and his significant other. Drake highlights that he is taking his time away from women, but also trying hard to still show commitment: “I got a career that takes time away from women.” Drake shares that he tries to communicate with her, but he is ignored when reaching out, while it seems that she is out living her own separate life apart from him. “Message says ‘delivered’ but I know that you don’t get it,” Drake sings. Drakes reveals that he has done the best he can, but it was not enough. According to the song drake lyrics are “Tried to bring the best out you but, guess I’m not that influential guess I’m not the one that’s meant for you.” He realizes that his love was not enough.

This song highlights the struggle that people go through when they are committed to a person. You experience things such as neglect and people seem to often get lost in a person’s life trying to understand who they are as a person. In the song there are lyrics that reveal how you can chase a person and hurt yourself while at the same time trying to love someone who is not as committed as you are.

I believe every and anyone should take the time to sit back and enjoy this song on a nice day!