Roosevelt’s flag football team is full of winners

The team’s quarterback reflects on the season

By Taneisha Simmons, Staff Writer

Roosevelt’s flag football team played another wonderful season this year, making it to the championship for the third year in a row. 

Last year we lost to H.D. Woodson by just one point, 22-21, but it was still great for the players and their Coach, Chris Harden. The team has come a long way through tough and easy games looking forward to winning the championship of 2023. Before making it into the playoffs, their record was 11-2. 

Evonna Boykin who has been playing on the team since her 11th grade year in the #2 jersey, reflects on how the season was for the team. “It was tough for us at the beginning of the season, but we kicked back and become our best selves throughout the rest of it.” 

Quarterback Taneisha Simmons throws a 50-yard touchdown pass to Jalynn Russ. (Photo by Kwame Add-Wusu)

Harden, also the head coach of Roosevelt’s football team and softball team, has been a positive influence on the flag football team, developing the skills of each student athlete on and off the field. Coach Chris has good training and makes sure his players don’t slack in school.   

On Wednesday, May 24, the championship took place at Anacostia High School with Roosevelt and Coolidge competing for the major win and awards. Roosevelt started off on offense while Coolidge headed onto defense. The teams have one half on the clock to win, so there are two quarters with half time in-between. For the first 5/8 of the first quarter, both teams were playing tough and smart. However, neither team scored until Coolidge quarterback threw a pass to their wide receiver who caught it and scored.  

After Coolidge’s first score, Roosevelt fought to make a touchdown after 4 plays but it seemed as if Coolidge had very good defense which made it hard for Roosevelt to get to the touchdown.   

During halftime, the score was 18-0 with Coolidge in the lead. It  had been hard for Roosevelt throughout the first quarter, but they kept their heads up and kept pushing through. Unfortunately, during the second quarter, Roosevelt did not score which led Coolidge to the win. The end score was 32-0.   

After the game ended, awards were announced for all-league athletes of flag football, coach of the year, and player of the year. There were about 7 players from different schools awarded for all-league athlete.  

After a great season overall and as a sophomore, I was happy to be awarded for player of the year and all-league athlete.  

Overall, both teams had great seasons and played their best at the finals. We can’t wait for next year.  

Photo by Kwame Aud-Wusu