Play “Lunch Lady” for laughs

Deanna Mozee, Copy editor

As a broke high school student my budget for video games is quite low. That means Lunch Lady is the perfect co-op horror game for a cheap price of $5.  

The objective of Lunch Lady is to explore a school building and find 10 notebooks. The problem is that some doors are locked and there’s a huge growling woman hunting around for you. Her short-range weapon is a frying pan, and her long range is a machete. This game is absolutely hilarious and worth the little money it costs.  

Of course, with its low price the quality is not the greatest, but that becomes part of its charm: those hilarious moments where she chases you into a corner only to get glitched out and walk away; those times where you get knocked down and crawl through a locked door she quickly opened before healing yourself and getting all the notebooks in that room; the hilarious faint screams of your friends from across the school with the in-game proximity chat.  

All these broken moments make the game unpredictable and funny. If you’re a high-quality game snob then you’re at the wrong station. This game is obviously not top of the line but the game developers are still adding updates to it, which is great.  

Overall, it’s a very hilarious game and I can guarantee you will shed a few tears and cramp up a bit from laughter caused by your deep voiced friend who screams like a chick. I know I enjoy playing low budget horror games and I hope you can find the same enjoyment.