Enjoy the modern take on a blended family

Constance Johnson, Opinion editor

The latest movie version of Cheaper by the Dozen came out in March, and it is an amazing video to watch with your family and friends and is appropriate for all ages, mainly because of its positive message.   

Some may call this movie a cliché movie, but I wouldn’t call it that. This movie highlights a variety of different topics like racism, divorce, being biracial, disabilities, adoptions and following your dreams. It gives a nice modern take on these issues and helps to spread awareness. And since this movie does hit on a lot of these different topics it can be described as “woke,” but I think that the way they present these topics throughout the movie is not bad. 

It teaches life lessons that are important to know like not selling yourself short and the importance of family. This movie emotes so many feelings and honestly almost made me tear up while watching it. 

Even though this year’s movie is a remake of the original, I still felt that it was good and brought a modern take to the original movie by making it more relatable to today’s time. Gabrielle Union, who I think is an amazing actor and most of the movies that I have seen her in I have loved, was well cast in the starring role of the mom. 

Everyone has their own opinion on this movie but for me personally I enjoyed it and would recommend it if you are looking for a movie to watch with your family and friends.