Z-Burger sets a standard for the fast food experience


photo by Z-Burger, used with permission

A clean, airy, friendly atmosphere awaits Z-Burger customers.

Deanna Mozee, Copy Editor

I’ve been to a lot of fast food places but none will compare to Z-Burger, a D.C. original.

Some may argue Five guys is better but that is a lie. Z-Burger has over 50 shake flavors. No other place that sells shakes has that many good flavors. Their fries are only done in the batch that you order so they are always piping hot and fresh. This also means that you can add as little or as much seasoning as you want without having to worry about other people’s taste.

Every time I’ve been there the bread was fresh, and it is brioche, soft and light, not dense. If you are eating potato bread in 2022 I wish you the bet of luck.

Their chicken sandwich also actually has flavor on its own, with or without sauce (unlike Chick-fil-A). The customer service is also amazing. The workers actually smile and have a friendly nature.

All in all, if you want fresh flavorful food worth the dollar I highly suggest going to Z-Burger. You won’t be disappointed.