How did prom turn into a sixflags trip

Shelby Taylor, Features Editor

High school is supposed to be one of the most memorable times of your life. One of the most memorable aspects of this time in your life is being able to go to prom, but Roosevelt’s class of 2022 will be missing this experience.  

Instead of prom, Seniors have been offered the opportunity to attend a trip to Six Flags in New Jersey. The high costs of various venues around the city were discouraging, and with little time to prepare, options were limited. Seniors had the choice of having their prom in the atrium or on the school football field.  Seniors were not interested in either option and hope for this year’s prom fizzled. 

Assistant Principal Tawana Alston stated: “Each year we provide opportunities for students to fundraise and each year students don’t fundraise. This then leaves the adults in a sticky situation having to fundraise, while the students do nothing.” 

Since funding was a part of the problem, the Senior dues would have covered the rest with 3 packages ranging from $85 to $300. All the packages offered a payment plan. Many seniors refused to pay any package fee for a prom hosted at the school. 

The past two years of seniors have not had prom because of COVID, but we all thought this year would be different because we’re in the building now. 

This year coming into high school, I looked forward to seeing prom proposals. As prom season approached, I heard no gossip about what the seniors were wearing to prom or where it would be. I was enthusiastic to see the seniors post what they were wearing and who they went with. I was crushed to find out this year’s senior prom turned into a Six Flags trip. 

Senior Winston Page said: “Not having a prom makes me feel like I’m missing out on a key experience that comes with finishing high school.”  

Although Roosevelt is not having a prom, some seniors will still be attending prom at other schools, while others will miss out on the experience completely. 

I hope that the class of 2023 (and my class of 2024) will have a prom. I can’t wait to have a prom and my peers can’t either. With proper planning for the next class of Seniors, fundraisers, and funding, prom can return to Roosevelt.

High school students pose for a prom picture.