Benefits of playing video games

Brendan Grant, Staff Writer

Contrary to popular opinion, video games can have a plethora of benefits when played in moderation. I believe video games help more than harm users and that there are benefits to gaming.  

Critics tend to give video games a bad rap because they lack knowledge of the benefits. According to an article on Peertechz by Israel Oluwasegun Ayenigbara, “gaming disorders can also be linked with anxiety, depression, obesity, sleeping disorders, and stress,” but video games can also reduce stress tremendously. Reducing stress can help you sleep better, be in a better mood, and help you get along with family and friends.  

According to a study from healthygamer, a website providing information and guidance about gaming and mental health, video games can “create a flow state, which is like meditation.” They also stated that video games “result in a dopamine secretion which makes you feel good.” Other benefits of video games consist of improved hand-eye coordination, faster decision-making, and use of problem-solving skills and logic.  

It is true that video games can have a negative effect when played excessively. Playing video games too much can cause addiction and lack of focus and concentration. This is the reason video games should be played in moderation. 

Playing video games in moderation is to play with control, and not to over play. Overplaying can have negative effects. According to Game Quitters, to control how much you play, you can create a balanced schedule for playing time and other-activity time.  

What gamers can do to help stop the spread of the negative beliefs behind video games is to educate others on how games can be beneficial, especially for people dealing with stress. Gamers can also teach others how to play with control and moderation so that the benefits can help players live a healthy lifestyle. 

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