Questions keep bubbling up


Photo by Angy Nyajok

This emergency alert to “STAY HOME” seemed to come suddenly.

Angy Nyajok, Staff Writer

Thursday, March 26, 2020 

Last night everyone received a safety alert that really put me on edge – on top of hearing about the many cases of COVID-19 the U.S. is facing. It seems as though things are going to get worse before they start getting better.

Does anyone even know when we’ll overcome this, if we even do? Will businesses stay closed? What happens with schooling? How will families make money? How will they afford groceries?

It seems as though the world was never prepared for a virus uprising, and we go day by day eyeballing responses while we wait for a vaccine.

How long will social distancing go on? There’s only a small amount of time before people will want or need to see the rest of their family and friends.

What happens if people try to protest by taking to the streets? It’s not a smart idea, but what if it happens? Is the government prepared for this

response or should we just hope things like this don’t happen?