Students and deans describe Dean Perkins as the personification of happiness

New to the ‘Dean Team,’ Perkins wants the best for students


Photo by Mohamed Turay

Smiling as usual, Dean Perkins has made a positive impact this year, her first, at Roosevelt.

By Mohamed Turay and Taneisha Simmons, Staff Writers

Dean Perkins is an attractor and spreader for happiness, safety, and joy. She said it is important for her to make sure her students are loved every day with hugs, greetings, and snacks. 

“At Roosevelt High School, my typical day is I start off the morning by making sure the students leave the cafeteria after breakfast and arrive to class on time,” Dean Perkins said. “I also have conferences and mediations with students when they have a problem, and we need to come to a resolution. We have a restorative circle.” 

Perkins is always looking out for students to make sure they have a great social future and the best high school experience. Even though she puts her students first, she has goals for the school to make sure everyone behaves their best.  

“My main goal is to change the climate and the culture of the school,” Perkins said. “So, I am here to bring my warm energy, enthusiasm and consistency here to Roosevelt.” 

Perkins wants to make a change for the school, staff and students. She can put the school into better shape and make those adjustments. But she’s not just good with students, she is also good with her famous Dean Team, using great communication and making sure she is effective. 

“She is extremely effective,” said Dean Munier Howard who assistants on the Dean Team. The deans who work around the school with Perkins have a way of enjoying time and being in working conditions with her.  

A student named De’kyii Hackney has been at Roosevelt all year with Perkins, who started in August, 2022. “She’s cool,” Hackney said. “She works very well with the students.”  

Students notice her effort and what she can do, and for her, it is the students who make the job worthwhile. 

“The students motivate me to come here every day,” Perkins said, “Without them I wouldn’t be here.”