Students describe Dean Moore as everything, everywhere, all at once


Photo by Arwai Nyajok

Both his co-workers and students describe Marvin Moore as someone of high character.

Marvin Moore, or more often Dean Moore, brings positive and radiant energy every day to Roosevelt High School.

“I feel like he’s a great man,” ninth grader Neihman Mills said. “If I ask for something he would give it to me.”

He has made himself popular as a dean by helping to organize events that rally students together, like field trips and school dances. As a coach of both football and volleyball, he is also invested in students being physically active.

Helping students with workouts is a passion of Dean Marvin Moore. (Photo by Mohamed Turay)

“He’s a great coach. He is always there when you need a ride or pickup to come to practice,” sophomore Alex Willams said. He never leaves anybody behind.

Moore makes sure his students and players are on time at school and at practice.

“I love coach Moore. I really feel like he does good on coaching,” said Janiyah Lozada, a junior who plays volleyball. “He’s supportive and gets along with everybody really well.”

He is many things at the school: a coach, a dean, a Restorative Justice Coordinator, and personal trainer – all of which drive him to wake up every day feeling positive. He makes sure students are students before athletes.

“I am most passionate about the community within Roosevelt,” Dean Moore said. “Building it up and ensuring that the student experience for high school is enjoyable.”

He works hard and said he wants students to attain a great high school experience. As one of the most important people in the school, he is seen as role model by many.

“Coach Moore is very hard working and he has his own business and he makes money,” Janiyah Lozada said. “And I do feel would be considered a good role model.”

Dean Moore is a big contributor to our school. As a coach, a role model, and organizer, many of his students and coworkers enjoy working with him at Roosevelt.

“He’s always reliable, and character wise, he just has excellent character,” Athletic Director Reginald Stevens said.