Roosevelt struggles to satisfy students with school lunch choices

DCPS tries to serve its students a satisfying and healthy lunch. Nonetheless, Roosevelt students have voiced their displeasure with the standard and different choices offered to them. This leads students to either purchase their own food or choose unhealthy options, which may have an impact on their level of energy throughout the day.  

“The school lunch looks disgusting; I don’t know how people are eating it,” sophomore Ashley Reyes said. “I usually buy snacks and wait till I get home. Though I am still hungry throughout the day.” 

In response to these concerns, Roosevelt Lunch Manager Denise McMiller stated that they try their best to prepare school lunch and make it appetizing for students. Despite not always having the same appeal as fast food chains, McMiller prepares students’ meals in an attempt to make lunchtime an enjoyable experience. 

“I think school lunch is great,” McMiller said. “We prepare them to the best of our ability. It is not always like McDonalds or Burger King that the kids like, but we do our best.” 

While school lunches are designed to meet specific national standards on nutritional needs, some students still feel that the food quality or the choices are not up to their personal standards.  

“I know the school has to meet some D.C. school lunch requirements, but I don’t think the food they feed us must be as bad as it is,” sophomore Ethan Anderson said. “Me and my friends eat the school lunch, but it tastes and looks bad. For example, today they had fish nuggets. What is that.” 

Kids will continue to eat school lunches despite their dissatisfaction because it is their only option, unless they bring their own food.