Student input requested for survey measuring school climate

Photo by Janiyah Lozada

Roosevelt students and staff expressed in interviews how they feel about school pride. They share surprisingly common opinions and feelings on the school and staff. 

“Proud is a strong word, I’m just here,” freshman Tyrell Pittman said. 

Tyrell was not the only student who felt like that. Various students shared insight on their school pride. 

Tenth grader Allison Quintilla sees Roosevelt as “chaotic.”  

Although Roosevelt may be seen as a chaotic school, it is still a very accepting school and welcomes students from all different backgrounds. 

“One of the best parts of Roosevelt is how multicultural the community is,” said a custodian who did not want to share their name. 

Some of the students interviewed felt that their school did not represent them as a person nor as a student, while others felt neutral about it. 

“There is no representative for 10th grade. So I do not really feel represented,” sophomore Antonella Martinez said. 

Recently, some administrative staff created a survey to try to get feedback on how the school can improve and become a better community.  

“I hope this will encourage teachers and staff and admin to listen to what our students actually want in their schools,” said Kayla Kelly who advises the Student Government Association and teaches 12th grade math. 

Kelly and SGA are hoping to use student feedback from this annual survey to improve Roosevelt. 

Although certain students may view Roosevelt as chaotic, the diversity of the students makes this school. Students who would like to contribute input on improving the school may take this survey.

Photo by Shelby Taylor