Finally! Athletes in spring sports can look forward to competition


This is what it looked like to have a baseball team two years ago. Coaches hope to drum up interest and field a team again this spring.

Lashae Hubbard, Assistant Editor/Photo Editor

Roosevelt’s sports will be making a comeback this spring, after a long absence of sports programming throughout the pandemic. The astronomical impact on DCIAA sports continued through the winter, but spring sports, including track and field, softball, tennis, and baseball will now return.

“Play hard and never give up,” is tennis and softball coach Adrian Warren’s motto. Coaches are showing enthusiasm for this upcoming season.

“Roosevelt’s spring sports are coming back bigger and better,” Warren says. “It was devastating to let kids know that there wasn’t going to be a season, but thankfully we have our season back for this year, and hopefully we will be able to continue.”

He is working on getting his players acclimated with the season starting in March. “We’ll get the ball back rolling in a couple of weeks,” Warren says.

“I am looking forward to actually being back outside,” says Assistant Coach Brad Thompson, who has not been able to coach since the pandemic started.

“We have a lot of good freshmen and sophomores; we definitely will be good for the next two years,” Thompson added.

With their first official practice starting next week, and their very first game starting in early March, Thompson feels like many will enjoy being on the field, as it is a sanctuary for you to let all your troubles loose.

“For there to be support for anything people have to support them, and they have to be good people before they are good baseball players,” says Thompson.

Head track coach Kwame Adu-Wusu said they are looking forward to competition on the track again, “running in a competitive setting and not just with each other in a practice setting.”

He is most excited for the seniors to be back on track since they have not had a normal track season in two years due to COVID-19. They will now have to adapt to being outside after being used to practicing inside.

“A big challenge heading into the outdoor season in the spring is maintaining or recapturing a certain intensity that was diminished because our student athletes could not compete against their peers across the city,” says Adu-Wusu.

Despite their lack of practice caused by Covid-19, Adu-Wusu knows his players work hard. “The fruits of their labor will be evident in race victories and improved performances,” he says.


If you are interested in joining in on the fun contact 

Track Coach Adu Wusu- [email protected] 

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