After Two-Year Pause, Track is Back


Photo by Kwame Adu-Wusu

As an all-outdoors event, cross-country could be held without violating COVID-19 safety restrictions during fall, 2021. Jacqueline Braxton, center, ran for Roosevelt. Her preferred events are mid-distance; cross country is typically considered to be a long distance run.

Tony Standard, Sports Editor

In the past two years DCIAA track has been canceled because of COVID-19, with Roosevelt athletes, coaches and especially seniors being heavily affected by this turn of events. 

One senior who is on the track team, Jackie Braxton, says it is affecting her college applications because she hasn’t been able to post her official times since 10th grade, but in Jackie’s case she has been getting other attention outside of DCIAA track.

Track being back will certainly be serious for the seniors this year. Indoor track was supposed to be happening over the winter, but the season got pushed back, and then got canceled all together. 

Braxton says it is just “harder to get recognition now because of that two-year set back. That’s why this year will be serious.”  

Roosevelt’s track team consists of young people who are not really focused on the sport according to Braxton, but there are leaders on the team like herself and Amiaya Richardson, a sophomore, who could help lead Roosevelt to a memorable track year. 

There is currently only one freshman on the track team, but there is hope for more participation so that the team can have a successful season. Unfortunately, runners for the DCSAA have a larger advantage over DCIAA runners because they have competed continuously.

Senior Jacqueline Braxton, right, posted a 2:26 in the 800-meter during her sophomore year, but has not been able to obtain official times since then because of the pandemic. Braxton says she will be running track in college, and is looking for opportunities to show collegiate programs what she can do. (Photo by Kwame Adu-Wusu)