Dress fancy, dress like Dracula, dress somehow for Roosevelt’s HC 2022 dance

Wednesday night bouta get lit

Teachers like Kaitlyn Finnerty volunteered to help out with Homecoming this year to make it bigger and better than last year.

Excitement is growing for the 2022 homecoming dance this Wednesday – after not having one in 2021 because of Covid protocols and behaviors in the building. From 7 p.m. to 11 all ticketed students can dance or just hang with friends in the school’s gym and atrium. 

“This year we are really looking to make it a major thing,” said Marvin Moore, Roosevelt’s Restorative Justice Coordinator and Assistant Athletic Director.   

The dance theme is costumes, but some students say they are confused due to different staff members saying different things about the correct attire for the dance. Some say yes, come in your Halloween costumes dressed like Spider-Man or whoever you want to be. Others say no, it’s come fancy, not formal; you are not supposed to go as a Power Ranger.  

“I think the original theme is kind of a mess to begin with,” said junior Karen Ayaba. “But we’re now told to dress nicely because not everyone has a costume.” 

Math teacher Kaitlyn Finnerty, who is also on the Homecoming committee said students can wear costumes or dress up, but the one thing that is not allowed is a full facemask, because administrators need to be able to see faces.

Other than the confusion with the dress attire, Moore, Finnerty, and the other homecoming committee members have been working extremely hard to organize a dance that students will genuinely enjoy. The dance will offer a VIP section, food, two DJs and more. Students have been able to request songs for the DJs to play. 

Tickets for the dance went on pre-sale Sept. 28 and will remain on sale until the day of. VIP tickets are $20 now, $25 at the door, and general admission is $10 now and $15 at the door. 

This will be the first major event of the 2022-2023 school year and staff members have different thoughts about how big of a turnout it will be. 

“There are about 900 kids, and we expect 350 to show up,” Moore said. 

Culinary Arts instructor James Wiggins, whose students will be preparing the food, was more skeptical. “You would think that because this is the first event that everyone would show, but experiences say that only about 100, a little bit more, will come,” he said.  

This dance will be the first at Roosevelt since the covid-19 pandemic and Ayaba said it could set the bar for future after hours events.  

“If the dance is not fun it will absolutely discourage me from attending any other school activities due to the fact that it will not be worth it,” Ayaba said.