Wide receiver Jahmal Edwards has plans for himself

Shelby Taylor, Staff Writer

Born September 30, 2003, Jahmal Edwards was brought up in Northeast Washington DC. He is an eighteen-year-old devoted football player for Theodore Roosevelt High School, a 6-foot-tall wide receiver with a body mass of 185kg. The oldest of his three siblings, he is a chill and equable individual.  
Edwards would like to further his education at University of Maryland while continuing to pursue his football dreams and majoring in mechanical engineering. He would like to get his degree in mechanical engineering to be able to fix household items. His father inspired him to get his degree in mechanical engineering by fixing items around their home. 
Edwards has played football for the entirety of his life and has fallen in love with the game. So far this year, the senior has made an impressive nine tackles received from 141 yards and made one touchdown, while also maintaining a grade point average of 3.5.
Head Football Coach Chris Harden said Edwards has taken younger players under his wing and is “a natural-born leader.” Within the time his coach has worked with him, Harden said he has grown tremendously.
“Jahmal came a long way since when he first came. He was very immature and young and now he’s more of a mature kid,” Coach Chris says, adding that Edwards is also a “teachable and coachable individual.”
“He has a lot of things going great for him and he has a real bright future,” Coach Chris says. Edwards said that if could play for any NFL team, he would play for the Washington Football Team because he is a D.C. native. Edwards also thinks football plays into his personal life because people say he is “conceited”. Being a wide receiver also plays into his personal life by the style in which he carries himself on and off the field. 
When Edwards is not on the field, he takes care of his priorities, taking care of his domestic duties, school, and family. He also goes to social functions or rests on the weekends. In the next ten years, Edwards hopes to be wealthy and situated with his family. A long-term goal of his is to purchase an acre of land in Houston to settle down with his family. 
Edwards is a sedulous football player, a well-rounded, family-oriented, caring, intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him.