Pandemic brings new learning opportunities

Sophomore takes it all in stride

Jona Weathers, Staff Writer

March 31, 2020

My family seems to be doing well during the pandemic. They are finding ways to entertain themselves, while on the other hand I am doing work and dreaming of playing on a Nintendo switch that I don’t have (yet). My siblings seem to like playing around with my dad’s dog. My mom says that she is getting an extra $100 to her pay because she’s a necessary staff member. My step-dad is still trying to figure out the stock businesses while getting very frustrated.


April 1, 2020

Honestly, I really like distance learning not just because there is no school but the fact that there is work online. At my old school every single student was provided with a personal laptop. This changed the way I was learning. To be honest, I enjoyed learning online because it gave an extra bump in confidence when turning in work. Not to mention Copy and paste was our best friend, especially when it comes to evidence. My old school really convinced me that paper and pen are old and every school should really upgrade to laptops  so there is no excuse for “I don’t have a computer at home.”


April 2, 2020

I think the pandemic is affecting the city as a whole in kind of a humbling way. I say that because people are appreciating their own company or family company. Also there are people making tons of memes making fun of social distancing and the virus as a whole. I feel as though most adults with children mainly care about stimulus checks or jobs rather than spending time with their kids (joking). I never wrapped my head around the whole check thing. I understood until my step-dad said “they are 6 million people that filed for unemployment.”

Photo by Clio CJS via flickr
This is like the meme that is going around of students at graduation wearing hazmat suits.

What’s more crazy than the number is that so many important people in the government knew about the virus but said nothing and did nothing.