Take A Look At Wattpad!

Wattpad’s books and easy to use platform will leave you satisfied!

Lashae Hubbard, Photo Editor

Wattpad is a digital platform which provides books of interest just by searching up key words for which you can find upcoming authors writing their first books and even high paid authors. Their popular genres include romance, fanfiction, fantasy, paranormal and suspense are what brings in more users to this platform. Of course, hardcover and paperback books are the norm, but have you ever read a digital book? Who would WANT to read digital books, you ask?  A lot of people underestimate digital books, moreover books in general. 

 “It’s perfect for writers who want to have some fun or who want to explore an interest in writing”, Wattpad reader Jbird1013 says, “Would 100% recommend this to all book lovers and writers “ 

You might feel as if Wattpad is no competition compared to Kindle’s eBooks, but did you know when you’re reading a Kindle ebook ($9.99), you’re paying $5 more than Wattpad’s premium package ($5.99)? I like to save money, so I’d rather pay $5.99 monthly than pay $9.99 at the same rate for similar services. 

Speaking of which, Wattpad’s premium package gives you the option to access all books that normal Wattpad users would have to pay for without any ads and that’s only the icing on the cake alongside of you being able to read any book of your interest for free without premium. 

The app is available on all platforms and once you download your favorite books, you’ll be able to read them without any internet! 

Along with their most popular and highest ranked romance book Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin, another popular book Cupids Match isn’t too much behind with 58.3 million readers.  

Try my favorite book by an upcoming author! The Lies I believed by DaDon03 found in the ranked 306 #Teen hashtag. Another cool thing about reading these stories is that you’re also able to look under the authors profiles and check out books that they’ve read and recommended to others once you click on their Reading List.