Field trip planned to play games and have fun

Administrators aim to strengthen school culture and climate

Francis Ajua, Andres Rubio, Delia Stuckey, Staff Writers

Students and staff are excited about an upcoming field trip planned as an opportunity for the school community to come together and have a good time.

On Friday, April 14, Dean Marvin Moore and Intervention Coach Maurice Butler are taking 150 – 200 students to Scary Strokes to play miniature golf and arcade games.

“I feel like I would have fun playing stuff and interacting with like the games, and also socializing with other my peers,” sophomore Saida Moreno said about the upcoming trip.

Students attending the Scary Strokes field trip will have free lunch provided, a $10 card for the arcade, and free access to play miniature golf, but they will have to pay on their own for the VR experience.

Funding for the trip is coming from Georgia Avenue Collaborative, a non-profit started in 1998 “to respond to the needs of at-risk families and children in Northwest DC,” according to its website.

“Georgia Avenue family support collaborative, who’s been a partner of Roosevelt for years, is the financing organization that helps support this budget,” Butler said.

Moore said additional funding came from school fundraisers like bake sales and after-school events.

Butler said these trips are part of the administration’s attempt “to provide opportunities to strengthen the school culture and climate of the school.”

Butler and Moore selected the destination after looking at student opinions, surveys, and affordability. “We definitely take feedback from students. We always try to get information from them, whether it’s verbal, or through the surveys,” Butler said.

Scary Strokes in Waldorf, Maryland calls itself the “ULTIMATE family fun experience” providing glow in the dark miniature golf, arcade games and “the world’s only four-person virtual reality experience, featuring four Omni motion platforms with the unique ability for players for run around in VR,” the website says.

Dean Moore’s expectation for the trip is simple: “Everybody has a great time.”