Try dark chocolate for a treat that is extra

Jennifer Ramirez , Editor In Chief

Milk chocolate is sold at every convenience store in America, but dark chocolate is more of a treasure. Dark chocolate is not just a tasty alternative, but it can reduce the risks of heart diseases and high blood pressure making it healthier too. Dark chocolate may be the right one for you. 

I underwent a taste test with a brand that was completely new to me named Beyond Good. This dark chocolate is a very interesting type of chocolate to taste. As you increase in the percentage of cocoa, it gets more bitter. My first small bite consisted of sharp bitterness, but it subsided and gave way to a pleasant amount of sweetness. The wave of real rich chocolate sways you into wanting one more bite. I tried three different types of Beyond Good chocolate bars: 70% cocoa, 80% cocoa, and even 73% with salted caramel added.  

If you try this brand, you may be reminded of coffee. Coffee is just like dark chocolate in this case. The smell intrigues you and leads you to grab and bite but once you reach and grasp your taste, you are struck with bitterness. Some may prefer a higher cocoa percentage and others a lower percentage—like light roast and dark roast coffee—depending on how you tolerate the sharp, bitter taste. When you do find a percentage to your liking, the right amount of bitterness and sweetness combined puts you in a state in which you never imagined, and you find yourself liking dark chocolate.  

Beyond Good chocolate bars focus on organic ingredients and are unlikely to become popular among kids our age, but I encourage you to try it because this candy is enjoyable. If you think the bitterness of Beyond Good is too much but are still interested in a healthier chocolate Hershey’s makes a great alternative for those with a sweet tooth. Your sweet tooth might not be satisfied enough but Hershey makes splendid dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is made slightly bitter with good amounts of sweetness. The bitterness does not overpower the taste and neither does the amount of sugar.  

If you would like to try dark chocolate but are not quite ready for the intense flavors offered by Beyond Good, I strongly recommend Hershey’s dark chocolate, as it has a sweeter, smoother taste. My 8-year-old sister enjoys it and you might, too.