Small Businesses at Roosevelt


Spreading his brand worldwide and hopefully making clothing full time is Kanye’s ambition with his clothing brand. Directed by @ykshootzzz Pictures taken by @teewitdacam

Shelby Taylor and Deanna Mozee, Staff Writers

NBA star Michael Jordan is one the highest paid athletes and considered to be the greatest player. But along the way, he also became a smart businessman. His current net worth is $1.9 billion, according to Forbes.  

Now in 2022, there are millions of Black-owned businesses. Some of these businesses are student-owned at Roosevelt. For the next few months, will be featuring ANY student or teacher owned business. Each business owner will get a chance to tell their story of hardship and success to help bring more attention to their businesses. 

Senior Kanye Cheeks is the owner of On Two Paper Apparel, producing the logo, name, and brand. The reason behind Kanye’s decision to start his business was “I wanted to get money.”  

Cheeks explains that his inspiration for the brand was the money that would come with it, which is why he named it On Two Paper. The logo also reflects the name. “Money like the dollar bills, and the right hand,” he said.  

Cheeks produce his hoodies at home. He said it takes him no longer than 5 minutes to make a hoodie if he is focused. Cheeks hopes to go on to mass production and have his own stores. Currently he sells a selection of pink and black hoodies in and outside of school, but eventually he hopes to go worldwide. 

“Just to make it worldwide and have other people in other states having it on,” Cheeks said. Through the hardships of business, life, and school, Cheek’s takes his inspiration from his father who passed in October of 2021. 

Over the years, there have been plenty of African Americans succeeding in running their own businesses and making billions of dollars. Forbes, a global media company that focuses on business, first listed Oprah Winfrey as a billionaire in 2003. Winfrey got her start in entertainment, but then broke off to do many other things. “African Americans have played a profound role in shaping the U.S business landscape,” according to a recent Forbes article.  

Tenth grade counselor Marcell Brown is the proud owner of, which he started in June of 2021. He sells “urban style” clothing that promotes “HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT.” As described on his website, his idea of the brand came from “reflecting on society and the many challenges/issues people were facing.” He understood the struggle and expense around get unique and quality urban style clothing, so he decided to give back to the community by “producing the best quality clothes for an affordable price.” 

Hopefully, this inspires you to start your own business. If you are at all interested in starting up your business, go speak to Build teacher Carleather Ponder, to find out the fundamentals of being your own boss. Another program on how to “become your own boss?” is taking place March 15, 2022, March 22, 2022, and April 26, 2022. This after-school workshop is held virtually from 5:00pm to 5:45pm on the days listed above. 

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect that Kanye Cheeks is a senior, and that his brand is called On Two Paper.

Losing his father is part of Kanye’s motivation to keep going with managing his clothing brand. Directed by @ykshootzzz Pictures taken by @teewitdacam
Style, affordability, and spread of hope are important to 10th grade counselor Marcell Brown.